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By enrolling in our program, you will gain comprehensive insights into the legal framework surrounding sexual harassment, understand the nuances of handling complaints, and develop effective prevention strategies.

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Any Employee of the organization can be nominated on POSH ICC Commitee. Provided they have the legal knowledge on POSH. Metier HR Services is one of the best & oldest POSH Training Institute in providing Online POSH Specialist Training, Online POSH Courses & Online POSH Workshops in India  

Overall, POSH ICC member's training is crucial for promoting a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace environment by equipping committee members with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address and prevent sexual harassment incidents.

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 Metier HR Services is Best in POSH related courses providing services across 500+ Cities, 25+ States in India &10+ countries

Organizing POSH training in an organization, fosters better relationships and equality among employees, thus ensuring a quality workplace environment for all its employees. POSH training is a method used by organizations to educate their employees on sexual harassment of women at the workplace and create awareness of all that it has included under it. The POSH awareness training also throws light on the redressal mechanism one should take in case of any incident with themselves or their colleagues. On-time movement avoids legal complications and also helps maintain a healthy work environment in the company.

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Metier HR Services - Add power to your current profile with Online Certified POSH Specialist Training Course Best POSH Trainer Certification Courses and online POSH Certification. With the help of the POSH practical program, you will gain comprehensive insights into the legal framework of sexual harassment, learn effective complaint-handling techniques, and develop strategies for prevention. Join us to become a certified POSH expert and make a significant impact on workplace culture. Enroll now to be a part of this essential function in high demand and contribute to building inclusive work environments Special batches for working individuals 

India's Best Certified POSH Specialist - Practical Program!
India urgently requires over 100,000 POSH experts to promote safe and respectful workplaces. Our program equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to become certified POSH specialists. Gain insights into the legal framework, complaint handling, and prevention strategies. Join us to make a difference in ensuring a harassment-free workplace.